The Smarter Way to Pay

Corpay solutions improve your payment efficiency and create cost savings, while simplifying your cumbersome back office processes.


Who We Are

Global Leader in Business Payments

Corpay is a worldwide comprehensive payments provider for businesses.

Our full suite of solutions—ranging from corporate payment cards to domestic and international payment automation—empowers companies to potentially reduce their entire payment automation process to a single payment per cycle, with reduced risk and minimal reconciliation effort. Our card and payment automation solutions provide efficiencies and cost-savings, while our cross-border payments and currency risk management solutions enable you to recognize success across the globe.

What we do

Our Solutions

Corpay gives companies the power to pay any domestic or international supplier securely in just a few clicks.

You outsource your payment fraud risk and refocus on more strategic tasks. We give you the power to relax knowing we have you covered. Our solutions provide everything from payment automation to virtual spending cards, cross-border payments, and currency risk management.

Who we cater to

Our Customers

We help companies of all sizes simplify how they pay suppliers, facilitate treasury payments, and reduce risk.

Corpay solutions are easily deployable, ERP-agnostic, and adaptable to all your payment conditions. Whatever your company’s size, we have a solution to power you now and in the future.

what we offer

Our Product Portfolio

AP Automation

Drive efficiency and turn payments into an engine for success. Save time and money in your payment automation process while you mitigate payment fraud risk. Corpay’s fully supported ERP-agnostic automated payment solution lets sophisticated companies pay all enrolled vendors in a single workflow.

Cross-Border Payments

Global businesses trust Corpay to power their cross-border payments. Whether you’re a small business managing a growing supply chain and roster of partners, or a multinational looking to keep up with real-time demands, our web-based platform and integrated payment solutions can support all your needs—wherever you operate.

Currency Risk Management Solutions

Effective currency risk management can be the key to thriving and prospering in a world of uncertainty. Corpay’s currency risk management solutions enable you to efficiently move money across borders, manage exposures, and capitalize on market opportunities.

Virtual Cards

Control your payments, reduce fraud, and earn rebates. Use Corpay’s secure, single-use Mastercard solution to pay specific amounts to specific approved vendors—and let our in-house support team manage the enrollment.

Commercial Card Programs

No need to deal with multiple payment cards and convoluted reconciliation. Corpay Commercial Card solutions give you the benefit of a purchasing card, corporate card, and fleet card in one piece of plastic, and enable you to track your expenses automatically.

Small Business Bill Pay

Replace slow vendor payments, and reduce bookkeeping inaccuracies and manual work with one automated platform. Corpay One enables micro-businesses to simplify their payment processes, save time, and focus on strategy instead of paperwork.

As part of FLEETCOR, our solutions are backed by an S&P 500 balance sheet, secure infrastructure, user-centric software solutions, and best-in-class customer support. FLEETCOR (NYSE: FLT) serves businesses, partners, and merchants in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. For more information, please visit